Monday, January 23, 2012

Ice Skating Tenaya Lake

Up until this recent weekend, the winter here in California has been quite warm and dry, which made for excellent climbing conditions, but not so great conditions for snow sports. In fact, there was hardly any snow in the Sierras, which presented a unique opportunity of ice skating on frozen lakes.
Me on top of Lembert Dome in Tuolumne Meadows on 01/16/2012. No snow in sight!
Tenaya Lake near Tuolumne Meadows was probably the most popular destination for ice skating. Normally, it would be covered in snow by December and the road to access the lake would also be closed. This year, Tioga Pass had the latest closing date in 70 years. The previous record was January 1, 2000 and I believe they finally closed it last week on January 17th.
Ice skaters on frozen Tenaya Lake. Stately Pleasure Dome in the background.
From what a ranger told me, the last time people were able to ice skate on Tenaya Lake was in the winter of 1976-1977. That's about 35 years ago! What that meant to me was, I had to make a trip, as this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not to say that I couldn't ice skate when I'm 60, but I don't think I would be ice skating at 60 either. So I bought some ice skates and took a day trip on MLK day (Jan. 16). Here are some photos:
Me putting on my ice skates.
Skating on frozen Tenaya Lake in front of Stately Pleasure Dome.
More ice skating on Tenaya Lake.
Frozen Tenaya Lake Ice.
Frozen Tenaya Lake Ice.


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