Sunday, November 6, 2011

King Cobra

King Cobra is an amazing dihedral boulder problem in Camp 4 right by the Yosemite Falls trailhead. It is a tall and beautiful line that resembles the head of a King Cobra snake.
Jose in the dihedral of King Cobra.
Ed on the opening moves to get into the dihedral of King Cobra.
In my opinion, there wasn't really a crux on the problem. Every move was equally hard from the start. If you're flexible, good at dihedrals, and have decent shoulders, this problem may feel easy for a V8. If not, this problem may feel impossible. My advice is, if it feels like your shoulders are going to pop out, you're probably doing it right. After not touching this problem for nearly 3 years, I went back and sent it within 5 attempts. Here's the video:

I also made a surprise ascent of Ament Arete (V6), which is right next to the Yosemite Falls trail sign and down the hill from King Cobra. For the longest time, I could not do the sit start to this problem. Perhaps it was because I never tried it with cold temps. Not sure if this was the easiest way to do the start, but here it is:


  1. Nice send of King Cobra. Excellent collection of videos.
    Keep crushing!

  2. I would love to use that shot of King Cobra in a book I'm working on. Could you send me an email, its flanagandavid attt hotmail dott com...Thanks Dave