Friday, November 18, 2011

Atari, Redrum, & Mr. Happy

My Bishop season started earlier this week with a trip to Bridgeport for court to contest a traffic ticket I received back in January on the US-395. Initially, I contested it by written declaration and lost, so I elected to have a Trial De Novo and contest it in person. As there were only two cases being heard that day, the officer quickly identified me and spoke to me before the trial. He said to me, "It's your lucky day, I tried looking for my copy of the ticket, but couldn't find it, and I don't remember anything about it." He came empty handed and simply asked the judge to dismiss the case. Yay! That went better than expected, and so off to Bishop I went.

Unfortunately, I was battling a minor cold while in Bishop, so I didn't climb as much as I wanted to. Much of my time (1.5 days) was spent at the Happies playing around on problems that I previously could not do. To my surprise, Atari (V6), Redrum (V7), and Mr. Happy (V5) went down.

I first tried Atari 3.5 years ago and thought it to be too hard, scary, and impossible for someone my height. The start of the problem was way too wide for my wingspan. I have to stack 2 pads to even get on the wall and even then, it was still a struggle. Thus, I never returned to the problem. That was until I found out that one of my friends who is 5'6" and +2 completed it! So I went back and surprisingly sent it 2nd go. It actually felt quite easy once you commit to the moves. Anyway, here's the video:

Redrum also went down 2nd go and Mr. Happy 1st go. I've worked on both of these problems in the past and have found them to be hard for the grade.

The remainder of the trip was quite unproductive as my cold got slightly worse. I went home early and took advantage of Tioga Pass being open. Oh well, I'll be back next week!

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